Global Vision & Impact

  • SSAN desires to see every woman & girl transforming the world after she discovers, harnesses and unleashes her unique power, potential & purpose.
  • We serve girls in Kenya, Uganda & Thailand with the vision to strategically expand to girls in India. In each of these nations, displaced girls seek refuge, education and safety, opportunities for women are scarce, and conflict/poverty are prevalent.

Organizational Vision

SSAN will be centered on 5 pillars:
  • Wholeness & Healing from Trauma 
  • Educational Empowerment & Scholarship
  • Health & Hygiene Education 
  • Mentorship
  • Leadership Development
  • She is secure – safe, & has provision for sanitary supplies
  • She is whole – healed from brokenness by the transformative word of God
  • She is healthy – holistically, in all aspects of life
  • She is educated – in purpose & vocation
  • She is empowered – leadership abilities identified and harnessed
  • She is unstoppable – by God’s power, to change the world around her


SSAN’s mission is to empower refugee & marginalized women & girls as leaders, who transform their nation & the world, through education, discipleship, leadership development, health, esteem building & mentorship. We exist to restore the God-given voice given to the girl-child, redefining her story & releasing her to be a taker of destiny.

On Girls & the Refugee Crisis

Adolescent girls in displacement face heightened risks of exploitation including sexual abuse and gender-based violence, forced marriage, and early pregnancy.

Why Refugee Girls?

We champion the margins according to Proverbs 31:9 and Matthew 9:36. We want girls who would normally be the forgotten of society to know that they are seen. We desire to bring an end to lives impacted by displacement, danger & uncertainty. Part of our creed, are to be an active voice for the voiceless. As we advocate for refugee & IDP rights, we empower their voice by giving them opportunities they would otherwise not have access to.

Meet the Team


US Board

Advisory Board Members

Mia Keeys
Mia Keeys, MA
Director, Health Equity Policy & Advocacy
American Medical Association
Bernai Holman-Brown
Bernai Holman-Brown
Founder, Go Strong Fitness, LLC
Nicole Kenney
Nicole Kenney – Advisory Board Member
Founder & Vision Architect – It Starts With Me, LLC
Lauren Jacob
Lauren Jacob, BA, BTH (Hon), MDiv. (South Africa)
Journalist, Author, Justice Advocate
Noemi Cordova

Noemi Cordova,
Founder of Flora Ministries (US)


Emily Jansen
Strategic Marketing & Philanthropy, Deloitte
Author, A Wilder Eden (2021)
M.S. Marketing, Johns Hopkins University

Kenyan Board & Staff

John Mugo

Pastor John Mugo Wamithi
Board Chair, Vice President

Sylvia Mburi

Sylvia Mburi
Program Director


David Gikonyo


Margaret Wambui
Board Member

image1 (1)

Mercy Wakonyo
Board Member


Eunice Wambura Mbote
Board Member


Charity Mugo
Peer Educator


Esther Waititu
Teacher/Trauma Counselor