Our Vision & Mission


SSAN desires to see every woman & girl transforming the world after she discovers, harnesses and unleashes her unique power, potential & purpose.

From Kenya, we plan to strategically reach surrounding African refugee communities & marginalized girls in the countries of India, Guatemala & Haiti where girls opportunities are scarce and conflict/poverty are prevalent.


SSAN’s mission is to empower refugee & marginalized women & girls as leaders, who transform their nation & the world, through education, discipleship, leadership development, health, esteem building & mentorship.


SSAN is centered on 5 pillars:

Wholeness & Healing from Trauma
Educational Empowerment & Scholarship
Health & Hygiene Education
Leadership Development

SHE SAVES A NATION means that:

She is secure – safe, & has provision for sanitary supplies
She is whole – healed from brokenness by the transformative word of God
She is healthy – holistically, in all aspects of life
She is educated – in purpose & vocation
She is empowered – leadership abilities identified and harnessed
She is unstoppable – by God’s power, to change the world around her

Our Girls

The City of Shalom is the birthplace of She Saves a Nation. An effort realized on a missions trip to Kenya, that will in time, spread to globally marginalized women & girls.

Esther’s Example
In the Bible, the story of Esther tells of an orphan girl, who went on to save an entire generation through her bold, calculated leadership.

These girls will grow to understand that their past nor present circumstances are any bearing on the future that is possible for them. Like Esther, each young woman can powerfully shift a perceived outcome for her life, to a life that changes hundreds, thousands, even millions, by tapping into her inner grace, beauty & strength.

On Girls & the Refugee Crisis

Adolescent girls in displacement face heightened risks of exploitation including sexual abuse and gender-based violence, forced marriage, and early pregnancy.

Why Girls? Why Refugee Girls? These girls are the forgotten ones. Their lives often in limbo, displacement, danger & uncertainty. Part of our creed, is that we aim to be a voice for the voiceless. As we advocate for refugee & IDP rights, we empower their voice by giving them opportunities they would not have access to.

Meet the Team


US Advisory Board

Mia Keeys – Board Advisor
Nicole Kenney – Board Advisor
Shamalia Snipe – Board Advisor

Board of Directors

Toni Scialanca – Board Chair/Vice President
Tonya Wilson – Board Secretary
Tanisia Murrell – Board Treasurer
Deanna Allen – Public Relations Chair
Stephanie Jackson – Board Chaplain

Kenya Advisory Board

John Mugo Wamithi – Board Chair 
Sylvia Mburi – Board Advisor
David Gikonyo – Board Advisor