Shalom & Samburu 

The City of Shalom is the birthplace of She Saves a Nation and the headquarters of our future Leadership Academy. An initiative launched in 2016, has impacted over 300 girls and spread globally to marginalized women & girls in Uganda and Thailand. Resettled after the deadly tribal clashes of 2007-2008, She Saves a Nation operates strategically to equip, disciple, educate and empower our girls through our five pillar mission, #Fearlessgirl campaign and Rejesha Initiative. We have just scratched the surface in vision activation on the ground. We are developing the She Saves a Nation Leadership Academy, Scholarship Fund and Global Women & Girls Summit to serve as a catalytic, transformative force in Central Kenya, known for shaping female leaders of the next generation.

Five hours away, our Samburu girls reside on the margins of Northern Kenya. We serve 120, living as second class citizens, vulnerable to early childhood marriage and female genital mutilation. Our #Fearlessgirl campaign aims to strengthen their feminine identity and academic aptitude. We implement She Saves a Nation leadership programming during our annual Global Initiative Team Trips, to cultivate a spirit of triumph in girls who often operate from a position of defeat.


115 girls in the Bugiri District Uganda, live with hopes of escaping abject poverty. Many families live on less than $1 per day and eat just 1 meal a day. During menstruation, girls Among many needs, the #Fearlessgirl Campaign just kicked off in partnership with Light Life Ministries to empower our girls’ esteem and education. Our Global Initiative Team will travel to Bugiri in September for an impactful 5-Pillar program workshop.

THAILAND (Karen Girls of Myanmar/Burma Refugees)

The Karen people are an ethnic group from Burma who fled genocide due to religious and ethnic persecution by the government. These girls have sought and found refuge in Thailand. Over 140,000 Karen refugees have fled to camps in Thailand. The She Saves a Nation #Fearlessgirl Campaign serves 60 girls with feminine care and hygiene supplies to empower them amid the instability of displacement.

The Foundation: Esther’s Example

“For Such a Time as This” – Esther 4:14
The Bible is the missional foundation of She Saves A Nation. Eradicating all forms of poverty and struggle in the world will take an even more relentless effort due to the need to combat and eradicate spiritual poverty. The Bible tells the story of Esther, an orphan girl, among the least regarded, who was chosen to be Queen, and went on to save a nation through her bold, courageous calculated leadership.
Our girls will grow to understand that their past nor present circumstances have any bearing on the future that is possible for them. Like Esther, each young woman can powerfully shift a perceived outcome for her life, to a life that changes the world, by tapping into her inner grace, intelligence, beauty & strength.