#FEARLESSGIRL Campaign (Ending Period Poverty)

“In some parts of the world, menstruating women and girls are seen as dirty, untouchable or a disgrace…” (UN Women)

Our #Fearlessgirl Campaign currently serves our Kenya, Uganda & Thailand girls. This campaign exists to respond to the over 800,000 girls in Kenya alone who lack adequate feminine care to protect her through menstruation, adversely impacting her education. After year one of our #Fearlessgirl campaign at Shalom, our girls had sky-rocketed in their esteem and their grades. No girl should have to sacrifice her education because of who she is or how she was created. Each She Saves A Nation girl will have all that they need to succeed academically, spiritually, educationally and practically. Because girls in displacement are more vulnerable to sexual exploitation, we prioritize quarterly shipments as a means to safeguard their identity and their bodies.

The #FearlessGirl Sanitary Supply Campaign ensures that every girl will receive adequate sanitary towels, soap and underwear to sustain her over and above her needs, freeing her to focus on her education; in addition to educating her on hygiene, health & menstruation fully equipping her to walk boldly in her femininity.

The Rejesha Initiative (Healing the Wounds of Trauma)

Rejesha, means to “restore” in Swahili. Internal Displacement & abject poverty are traumatic and crippling. People living in war-torn regions, or living in displacement after war, need healing and hope in unimaginable ways. Rejesha is a program of She Saves A Nation in partnership with the Bible Society of Kenya that rebuilds internal brokenness in order to achieve hope & optimism in the lives of our girls. The Trauma Healing curriculum and healing groups have changed lives across 100 countries through biblical truth and mental health best practices. Through this internationally used curriculum, our girls have the opportunity to address their hurt head on, allowing them to see that they are not alone and that all that they have experienced can build strength to fuel their purpose in life. Their healing we envision will set into motion catalytic healing throughout their villages, their nation and the world.

SSAN Leaders Academy & the “Dada Yangu” Scholarship

“If we educate a boy, we educate one person. If we educate a girl, we educate a family—and a whole nation.” – African Proverb

There is no limit to what a girl can do when she is educated. The She Saves A Nation Leaders Academy program is one that equips & builds the leader in each girl, by advocating for and supporting educational excellence, through training, mentorship, esteem building workshops, & health & hygiene education. She Saves a Nation will award the DADA YANGU (“She is my sister”) scholarship fund that an exemplary girl leader will receive each year to support her continued education to university.

SSAN Global Summit for Women & Girl Leaders

We envision a global gathering to empower the girl-child and to discuss global sustainable change, biblical discipleship and thought leadership through intentional convening of women world changers.